The Other Way

038: Science & energetics behind sound healing w/ Tess Palma-Martinez

May 09, 2023 Kasia Season 1 Episode 38
038: Science & energetics behind sound healing w/ Tess Palma-Martinez
The Other Way
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The Other Way
038: Science & energetics behind sound healing w/ Tess Palma-Martinez
May 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 38

Tess Palma-Martinez is a Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher and Intuition + Authenticity Mentor. She is the founder of Completely Golden, a spiritual lifestyle and wellness brand offering a path to aligning with your authentic self, while activating your intuition. She believes you can become more aligned with your highest self by prioritizing your body, mind, and spirit. Tess is a top rated studio teacher and has been leading classes, workshops and retreats for over 10 years.

đź’« We cover :

  • What is sound healing?
  • How does sound healing work on a physiological and spiritual level?
  • The science behind sound healing
  • Tess’ journey to where she is now and the power of trusting in the universe
  • Understanding what is spiritual bypass vs. healing
  • How we are all energetic beings and how this can apply to manifestation
  • Tapping into your “authentic embodied” self
  • The power of vulnerability and communal support
  • Forced resonance vs. free resonance on an energetic level - what does that mean?
  • Creating your list of magic
  • So much more!

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Show Notes Transcript

Tess Palma-Martinez is a Sound Healer, Meditation Teacher and Intuition + Authenticity Mentor. She is the founder of Completely Golden, a spiritual lifestyle and wellness brand offering a path to aligning with your authentic self, while activating your intuition. She believes you can become more aligned with your highest self by prioritizing your body, mind, and spirit. Tess is a top rated studio teacher and has been leading classes, workshops and retreats for over 10 years.

đź’« We cover :

  • What is sound healing?
  • How does sound healing work on a physiological and spiritual level?
  • The science behind sound healing
  • Tess’ journey to where she is now and the power of trusting in the universe
  • Understanding what is spiritual bypass vs. healing
  • How we are all energetic beings and how this can apply to manifestation
  • Tapping into your “authentic embodied” self
  • The power of vulnerability and communal support
  • Forced resonance vs. free resonance on an energetic level - what does that mean?
  • Creating your list of magic
  • So much more!

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Kasia Krzoska: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to nourish. My name is Kasia and I'm an entrepreneur, a long time meditator and a student of Chinese medicine. My mission with this podcast is to share the tools and practices to help you integrate your whole self into every aspect of your world as someone who is both a type a high achiever and a deeply spiritual, vulnerable, and.

I know firsthand how it feels to be living a double life. Showing up one way at work, a different way alone, and struggling to reconcile the two. This disintegration of authenticity is one of the biggest causes of burnout, health flares, and anxiety. For me, understanding how the mind body connection is crucial to health and success.

[00:01:00] Cultivating a strong sense of inner self and applying the healing. Healing philosophies of Chinese medicine and Zen Buddhism to my life has allowed me to lead from a completely heart powered place, letting go of other people's judgments and finding peace and allowing my multidimensional being to shine.

My hope is that this podcast may inspire you to do the same. I want to call out, it is a practice, it is a journey, but I believe it has. The most important thing that we can do for our bodies, minds, and our ultimate potential. Enjoy.

Hi everyone. And welcome back to the Nourish podcast. Today I have such a special guest for you, Tess Palma Martinez. Tess is a sound healer, meditation teacher, and intuition and authenticity mentor. She is the founder of [00:02:00] Completely Golden, a spiritual lifestyle and wellness brand offering a path to aligning with your authentic self while activating your intuition.

She believes you can become more aligned with your highest Self by prioritizing your body, mind, and spirit test is a top rated studio teacher and has been leading classes, workshops, and retreats for over 10 years. And today's conversation as a teaser was really juicy. We dove into both the spiritual side And the science behind sound healing with tests, giving us an overview of how it works, why it's impactful and how it can be so deeply healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits.

But in addition to that, we talked about authenticity. We talked about Tess's unique path, which I will offer a teaser here was not linear. So for anyone out there who is going through major life shifts, this is an episode to. Definitely [00:03:00] tune into and just recognize how none of it makes sense looking forward.

It only makes sense looking back. And we also dive into how sometimes the things that we feel are not for our highest good that happened to us actually can be, if you're looking to learn more about sound healing, if you're looking to learn more about energy healing in general. And if you're curious about ways to tap into your.

Authentic self and how to embody that on a day to day basis. This episode is a must listen for you. And now without further ado, let's welcome Tess to the podcast. Welcome Tess

Tess Palma-Martinez:. Thank you for having me. I'm so happy that we, we came up, we crossed paths and to sync up and now we're together. 

Kasia Krzoska: Hmm. I know - it’s six months in the making, but.

I think given a lot of the topics that have been coming up recently for me personally, for some of my [00:04:00] listeners, I think this episode is going to be really juicy. So I'm excited to jump into it. So to get started, I want to start with a question that I ask every single guest, and that is, what are three words?

And I typically say non work related, but I feel like I'd be curious to know if you even make that distinction. What are three words that you would use to describe yourself? 

Tess Palma-Martinez: Grounded. It's like my superpower. Let's see. I think juicy is a great word. I love that you said even this episode will be juicy for people and I almost was like, that's me.

So I'm going to stick with that. So grounded, juicy, and intentional. I love that. 

Kasia Krzoska: And I will tell you because I typically get a feel for when certain descriptors are used frequently and I've yet to have juicy. So I love that. Like this episode, 

Tess Palma-Martinez: Physically. I've been dancing every day and doing these like hip [00:05:00] exercises to help release emotion and Yesterday I sat down on my meditation cushion and my hips, they were just like, I was like whirling around and I was like, I'm right.

We don't want to sit still. I can just feel this energy rising up and that energy feels so juicy to me. 

Kasia Krzoska: Oh my gosh. I feel like I need that. That's like the opposite of my hips. I'll tell you that much. They do need it. They do need it. So I, I feel like it's nice to hear you describe that. It's pretty aspirational for me right now

Tess Palma-Martinez:

A month ago, it wasn't like that for me. I decided, and we can talk about this in the episode, but I've been doing this higher self embodiment challenge that I created for myself. And in thinking about this next level version of tests, who is she? How do I bridge that gap between where I am now and embodiment and just.

Feeling really comfortable and fluid in my body was something that I kept seeing and feeling into. And so I decided to incorporate practices [00:06:00] now. And every single day I listened to three songs and they can be dance songs or they can be slow songs. And I, I move my body with them and authentic movement.

And then I shift into, I do this. Uh, workout called hips like honey that I purchased from a yoga instructor. And so I just have it on my computer and she guides you through. And some days I do my own version of it, but it's a lot of just moving into goddess pose, which is that like very deep. squat or um, kind of fluid cat and cow movements and just really kind of circling the hips around and the more you do it, the easier it is and the more your hips want to move like that.

Kasia Krzoska: Wow. That is amazing. And yes. I definitely want to get into that and into kind of the connection between it sounds like authenticity and embodiment, which ironically I find, I mean, I can't speak for all women out there, but at least in my experience, that's always been [00:07:00] a challenge. Um, but I do want to actually kick it off with a bit of an intro for folks.

So they're more familiar with your background and your story. So Tess, you're an intuition and authenticity. Mentor, meditation and sound healing facilitator and oracle reader and in doing some research for this interview, I noticed that getting to this place kind of embodying, for lack of a better word, that person that you are or maybe that you've always been, it wasn't a completely linear path.

And I noticed that you are almost like a multi hyphenate in a way where your roles are just so diverse and like part of your path to get you here is just so diverse. You ran your own brick and mortar business, which was wellness oriented, but also led a lot of community events. You're a nutrition health coach.

You also served as a private chef for A list folks at LA, like completely out there all over the place. Can you share a bit about that path? And maybe also, do you feel like [00:08:00] it all links together when you look back at it? Because one of the themes that definitely is coming up for me as I. Kind of dredge on my own journey of authenticity is trusting that it all makes sense.

And so I'm curious if that is your experience where you are today, connecting the dots from what was just such a nonlinear path to get to where you 

Tess Palma-Martinez: are. Absolutely. On all the points. that you were asking. I am a non linear person, I guess. And if anyone's familiar with human design, I am a manifesting generator.

Kasia Krzoska: I was going to ask you that, but I was, I was like, I don't know if you would know that, but okay. Amazing. Go on. 

Tess Palma-Martinez: I'm manifesting generator. I have sacral authority and I'm a five, one profile for anyone who really knows about that. And As a manifesting generator or an MG or Manny Jen, we are like professional multi hyphenates.

We just change and part of our duty, part of our [00:09:00] purpose. In this planet, in our life, in this body is to become as many versions of ourselves as we can, and this is to really experience the fullness of life, but then also show other people that it's possible to change and that change doesn't have to be scary.

You can do it swiftly. I tend to be more of the risk taking Manny Jen. Some people do it very methodically and they. See this next version of them coming and they make those steps. I'm trying to do that a little bit more, like have patience with myself because in hindsight, there is absolutely a through line, a hundred percent, everything is linked.

And so in looking back, how I have handled that in the past, I would kind of abandon the thing that I was doing before and just fully turn my attention to this new shiny. interest. But then I, six months later, three months later, however long later, I would realize the [00:10:00] connection between the two. And then I felt like I had to backtrack and scramble back to like pick up those pieces and be like, Oh, actually, but remember when I was doing this and they both work together and.

It just felt disjointed and so how moving forward can I see this new version of me and carry everything with me, not carrying baggage or stuckness or anything like that, but all of those shiny pieces of myself, maybe like stringing a necklace, like I'm, I'm adding a bead. As I go, rather than, oh, this is a new shiny bead and letting all of the other ones fall to the ground and then realizing, oh, shoot, I need to pick those back up again.

So, yes, I did. I used to own a brick and mortar store. It was called forage and sundry. It was a beautiful. Kitchen and garden and I sold houseplants and that was really this deep connection with nature with beauty with design. I hosted workshops weekly that were sold out. [00:11:00] They were very popular. And so it was also around community and all day long.

I was pretty much in the store and just potting plants into pots and. I also sold cookbooks and flatware and plates and dishes and florists were very attracted to all of the objects that I was selling and would often ask to either rent or borrow the things for their styled shoots, but what kept happening was they would forget the food element and that an empty table, you can only get so many pictures of that.

And it kind of looks lifeless, but they, they needed the food component to be on the table, or maybe Models of people eating to kind of accompany the flowers and what the flower essence is really about and I loved to cook, but I wasn't a chef at that time. And so I was volunteering. Oh, I can do that. And maybe an exchange.

I can utilize the photos that you get from the photographer. [00:12:00] And so that kind of started to plant this nutrition thing for me because I'm allergic to gluten. I'm also allergic to cane sugar. And so with those two dietary restrictions, which both of them are minor in themselves, but together, it's very difficult for me to eat anywhere.

And so I, I tend to do a lot of cooking for myself. And then if I'm have friends over, I'm making sure that everyone has what they can eat as well. A lot of people have dietary restrictions. We just don't accommodate them. And when I decided to close the store, I had had it for four years. I closed the store.

It was like a total shattering of my identity. I didn't know who I was anymore without that. But it just wasn't a viable business any longer and I decided to go to nutrition school. And so I went into a nutrition program, studying nutrition, really focusing on the dietary restrictions aspect and everything that I knew from, I mean, it was an inherent talent as well with cooking before going to [00:13:00] school, but then now combining it with all of the science and the information behind it.

And I started working as a private chef. And so then there I was in the kitchen and I would have these pots again, and I would be stirring and working within these pots. And I then moved to Los Angeles very quickly, got connected with a lot of the A list celebrities out here and was working in that.

space, but there was no real connection. And looking back to my store, it was all about community and these workshops and really teaching people and working with people collaborating. And then now I'm in these homes and I'm seen as like a fixture in the kitchen. there was no real connection to me and my soul was craving that.

I then developed some deeper health issues. I had developed PCOS and endometriosis and had one of the cysts rupture, which brought me to the emergency room. Where they diagnosed me with the PCOS and there [00:14:00] was a grapefruit size endometriosis cyst on my right ovary and I had to go in for emergency surgery and within when I say emergency, it was very fast paced, but I still had to go in for MRIs and I still had to do all these different testings and it took about 4 months between when I went into the ER to when I actually had the surgery.

And I turned more deeply to sound healing and every single morning I would sit in front of these singing bowls and I would play them. And again, there it's that, that pot shape and working within the bowls and stirring that stirring shape motion. And I went in for surgery and everything was healed and the OBGYN was just like, I don't know what you did.

Kasia Krzoska: Wait, All the cysts were healed? Yeah. Oh,  my gosh.

Tess Palma-Martinez: Wow. I know. It's like a wild story. It's unbelievable. It happened to me. And [00:15:00] so that's when I really was like, there is magic in this there. There's magic in these bowls. And I want to share this with the world.

And so I stopped working as a private chef. And now I'm working full time as a sound healer and then I do work as an intuition guide and I do sound healer teacher trainings and those types of things. But the through line, so going back to the store, I was potting the, I was potting nature, then the.

energy of nature into these pots to bring into our homes to be more connected with nature. And then with food, I was working inside of pots to create nourishing food for the body. And then now with the sound healing, I am the conductor of frequency. And so that through line is energy and everything is energy that is scientifically proven.

It's now no longer that woo woo kind of statement. We are vibrational beings. Everything that exists in our planet and our solar system [00:16:00] is vibrating and vibration creates sound. And so when we come into contact with sound, it feels very natural. Your body is just like, Oh, yes. I remember that. And then the healing component of the bowls is just incredible.

I mean, they are literally creating resonance within your body to bring yourself back into harmony. And I had dis ease. I had disease in my body. through the form of PCOS, endometriosis, many cysts. And by working with this harmonic frequency, it brought that harmony into my body and allowed it to heal completely within four months.

So, that's, to answer your question, yes, I am a multi hyphenate, and yes, there's absolutely a through line. 

Kasia Krzoska: So, I, I do want to dive right into the sound healing, but before we do that, I'm curious, and I speak for [00:17:00] myself, and I think I speak for a lot of people out there who might be going through life pivots, of which you've had many.

How did you maintain trust during this time? Or did you, right? Because it sounds like from what you described, there were lots of things that maybe you initiated or you chose to start and create or choose to walk away from. But then there were also all these different life circumstances that maybe came out of left field, like, you know, maybe some of the reasons around closing the shop or moving and then of course your health emergency.

So, Can you share a bit about how do you maintain that? Or is that just something that you've kind of acquired at this point? And at the time it was kind of like, well, you know, I got a pivot, like the door has shut. So just to kind of reassure people who are part kind of on a similar journey. 

Tess Palma-Martinez: I think I am well versed in risk.

That's just part of my makeup as a person. It's part of my childhood and I had a very [00:18:00] non stable childhood. And so these dramatic changes would happen and. I almost, as I got a little bit older up and through college, would kind of create these circumstances because stability did not feel natural to me.

If something was too stable, I needed to switch it up. I needed to throw in some drama thing to like, just make my life crazy again. But then as I started to. Look at all of these reasons why I am the way that I am and realizing that actually if I do this in a different way, it can be very supportive and I know how to navigate this.

And so that gives me a lot more power. So I personally love to take risk. Other people that's not for them and that's totally fine and you will go about it differently. The thing that is consistent for every single person is change. Everything will always be changing everything. So [00:19:00] how do you relate to that change?

How do you set yourself up in a way that you can feel safe in that change, knowing that you are unshakable, you are immovable, your essence. Always be there. It is you. And no matter what comes, what flies your way, you will remain. You are the same. So for every situation is going to be different for every single person.

And it could be for me, a huge one was It's in the middle of COVID. I broke up with my boyfriend. I had just opened a restaurant. I handed it off to the investors. I sold all of my belongings. I got in my car and I drove for four months across the country until I found Los Angeles. That is fantastic for me.

That's something that really works for me. I've always, since I was little, I would describe this to my mom, this vision of jumping off of a cliff. And feeling really scared, but then I would always have this big [00:20:00] hand kind of reach out and catch me and I could just see it in my mind. I could feel that feeling of falling and having no idea where I'm going to land, but then landing in that big hand and just knowing that I'm held.

And when I was young, I didn't really know, but I did because kids are often more connected than we are. But. Now, I know that that that is the hand of the divine. We are always held in that space and everything is always for your highest good. Even if it feels terrible, even if I'm being sent to the emergency room, it was because my divine team was saying hello.

You need attention here. You're one, not on the right path as a private chef, you're feeling small and kind of withering away, but also you have this health issue that's been brewing inside of your body because you're not taking care of yourself. And we need to get your attention. And so through that, even though it was extremely [00:21:00] painful, I mean, a ruptured cyst is more painful than childbirth.

I found my path. I still tended to myself. Another thing that's coming up recently, I had gone to the desert to Joshua tree to do a retreat and I was set up. I had my singing bowls. I had my gong and the gust of wind came through the desert and blew my gong over when I had, I had just stood up and it smashed two of my singing bowls.

So, I mean, they are an extension of my body. They're this, these vessels in which I conduct my healing. But they're also very expensive. Each singing bowl is about 2, 000. So in an instant, I had all of a sudden been out 4, 000 that I did not have to replace those two bowls. And I couldn't continue to work with.

One remaining bowl. So I was kind of stuck in this place and I allowed myself to go [00:22:00] through the grief and really feel the loss of those bowls. But then I just got in the car when I got home and I drove straight to where I go get my singing bowls and I got two more and I had no idea how I was going to pay for them.

She had agreed to put me on like a six month payment plan, which was very, very nice of her. But I kept hearing from different people to start a GoFundMe and I had all these fears coming up about how I would ask for help or say like, Oh, I'm doing, I'm a sound healer. Now help me buy these bowls. It just felt really silly and but those are all of the shadow parts of myself that don't feel worthy.

I decided to just go for it. I had like 10 people suggest to GoFundMe. I started it. And less than 72 hours, it was fully funded with 4, 000. So I was able to pay totally off the balls in less than three days. So, as an example of [00:23:00] this change when things are out of your control, to just double down into what you know is for you.

I know that sound healing is my path. It doesn't matter if everything gets shattered, I'm going to choose it again. And so whatever's happening in your life, if you're going through big change, if it's your career, I have a trainee that just is a nurse and she just got fired. And my response to her was congratulations, because even though it feels really hard and you don't know what's coming next, absolutely, I can guarantee you it will be better.

It will be better than where you were. 

Kasia Krzoska: 100%. And I think that there's something so powerful about leaning in vulnerably to asking for support because it's one thing to ask for support from family and friends. It's a completely other thing to then put that out there to maybe strangers or former clients or current clients or whatever that looks like when you're asking for [00:24:00] that help.

And I so appreciate you sharing that because It's something that I know a lot of people struggle with, and I can deeply relate to that too. And I find that I struggle asking for support when it comes to even the closest people in my life. Like for a while, like when I broke my ankle and I had to have surgery, I could not ask other people to help me.

Like my fiancé, he wasn't my fiancé at the time. We actually were not together. He was like trying to help me. Like. carry me up the stairs. And I was like, no, I got it. I'm like, literally zooming up with my broken ankle. I needed surgery up the stairs. And the fascinating thing of that whole experience of the healing from the ankle injury was actually learning to lean on other people, which kind of, in my opinion, put me in the place where I could receive the love that he was trying to give me, which I had rejected at that point.

Like we were together and we had broken up because I just couldn't. handle it. I couldn't handle that. And so I wonder if there might be like ripple effects of even that kind of [00:25:00] vulnerability to put that out there and then to actually feel supported by strangers because that's, I think a lot of people struggle with trusting something that they cannot see, like that hand that you so beautifully visualized.

And so there is really something, and there's something very communal about leaning on people you don't even know in this case, right? 

Tess Palma-Martinez: And people want to give. That's the other side, like we're so concerned with ourselves and oh, I have to learn how to receive or I do this and I do that. But if you open yourself up to the other person that's in front of you, they want to give thinking about it.

Anytime that you've hosted a dinner at your house and you always there's somebody that's like, oh, can I help you? And usually at least women we are like, oh, no, it's okay. Go enjoy yourself But that person is asking you because they want to help they want to connect with you They're grateful to be in your home to be part of this Dinner [00:26:00] experience and so allowing them it's not even about you receiving yes, that is the byproduct, but it's more just allowing other people to do what they want to do to express themselves and I know this even more deeply now as a facilitator and holding space for other people when I'm training my students, I tell them like this is not about you.

You have to totally let go of yourself. You are holding space for all the other people in this room that want to receive, that want to heal, that want to share their story with you after class. And so, a big part of that receiving, so many people. Donated. It was a meat like it really blew my mind. I had donations from 5 all the way up to a single 1, 000 donation, which like that was the hardest part of it.

Even it was to receive 1, 000 [00:27:00] donation from a single person was So intense for me and they actually didn't even want to talk about it. They didn't, there was no, like I tried to be like, Oh my God, well, can I come to you and I'll give you a private sound bath? And it was just like, no, I'm just giving like, you don't even need, thank you.

You don't need, I don't need all of this. Just receive it, just take it. So can we allow other people to just. They're so generous, but then also it illuminated people that couldn't show up for me. And that was also really amazing information. All these people that I assumed would, or I felt that I had given to them, and they never give to me, and this just illuminated that even more.

Some people couldn't donate, but they sent their condolences, or, oh my gosh, I'm... I'm here for you if you want to talk about it, and then other people, just nothing. And so it all is just information. Everything that we're [00:28:00] experiencing in this life is information and how we respond to it depending on what feels right and authentic for us.

Kasia Krzoska:

I love that. I do want to actually pivot for a minute to something that you said, and this is totally off the outline that I shared, but it came up. So here we go. I'm curious about your thoughts around expectation, right? And was there an expectation for support and thank you. You know, as you kind of support other humans on whatever path, you know, their authentic path and what that looks like, you kind of describe like an element of surrender happening here to ask, right?

And I think we're now actually zooming out and talking about asking in general, because asking can look like help with child support. It can look like asking for a raise. It can look like so many different things. And I'm curious, you mentioned, you know, kind of noticing or becoming aware of people that didn't show up.

And I'm curious what your thoughts are on the expectation and on this journey and path of spiritual development and [00:29:00] also authenticity. How does that land? Like, is there space for that? I mean, should there be? Like, I don't know if there's a right answer, but hopefully you know what I'm getting at here.

Tess Palma-Martinez: 

I do. Expectations are complicated because we need to have a certain level of expectations in order to grow. We see these future versions of ourselves, we have ideas of projects that we want to create, and so there's an inherent expectation in that. It's more maybe in line with a potential. And then there are the expectations where we assume other people are going to behave the way that we would in a situation.

But what we're not realizing is that they have their whole life of programming and training to be a human that they've gone through. And it's also a situation that you are on the other side of. You don't actually know what you would do if their situation was reversed [00:30:00] because you're not in that reversed situation.

Perhaps something similar happened. Let's take your broken ankle. You've broken your ankle. I'm sure other people have broken an ankle or they broke their arm or whatever and so they can somewhat relate. And so there's maybe a little bit of like, oh, when this happened to me, I would have liked this. So I'm going to give that.

But then their thought could be very different than what you actually need. It's like when you get a gift from your uncle at Christmas when you're a kid and you open it, and it's like an ugly red sweater with a weird teddy bear on it. And you're like, this, I don't like this. This is weird. Whereas his expectation is that, Oh, she's six.

She's going to love this. So it's coming from just that we have myriad perspectives on life. Every single person's perspective is unique to their own reality. It is their, they are projecting this reality out into the world. So I think we really limit ourselves [00:31:00] when we attach our version of reality to anyone else's, when we assume that that's how they're going to behave.

And. When you can let that go and that comes through cultivation and practice when you are able to connect to that observer part of your mind. I talk a lot about this in sound healing in meditation practices. When you can connect to that part of you in the back of your mind, this deep seat of your soul, it has no judgment.

There are no expectations. It allows all parts of life to exist. It allows. The laughter and the light and the bright and the love, but it also allows the disgusting and the anger and the sorrow everything is equal and actually yesterday I had a person that I was talking to about. I really love Yin and Yang.

I love the symbol. It's the symbol of It's the sign of [00:32:00] my gong as a yin and yang. And it is the duality, the lightness and the darkness, masculine, feminine. And this person was having a difficult time understanding spirituality. And they said, but why do such bad things happen? And I said, why do you think they're bad?

And that's the way you need to look at it. When you're trying to cultivate that observer, you have to let go of your judgment of this is good. This is bad. This is right. This is wrong. And instead it just. Is it exists? And that's it. 

Kasia Krzoska: 100%. I mean, I really reflect on, you know, at the time that, for example, the ankle that was like a traumatic experience of surgery and all these different things.

But I truly think it adjusted the course of my life. Like, at the time, I was about a week out from flying out to France. Can I start talking to somebody already there and it completely redirected my life. And I think it is the reason why my fiance and I are together. [00:33:00] So never makes sense necessarily looking forward, but it does, as we discussed, looking back, I do want to dive into sound healing because I think for a lot of people, or maybe some of the audience, they're not familiar with.

what it is. So you've mentioned it several times. Can you start by maybe sharing what exactly is sound healing? What is happening when certain sounds are emitted? I'd love to dive into that.

Tess Palma-Martinez: Sound healing, its essence is a style of meditation. That's the easiest way to connect with it. You are meditating through sound.

So as a sound healer, that's the term you would be facilitating what is known as a sound bath. And sound healing is kind of the overarching name. You can be utilizing different instruments, including singing bowls. Those are very popular now. You might see people kind of sitting with these big white bowls [00:34:00] or sometimes metal bowls.

And then sometimes even more colorful bowls. And those colorful bowls are the ones that I use. So there are different styles of singing bowls. And then there are also other instruments like gongs or chimes or drums and ranging out from there to pretty much every instrument that's ever been created can be utilized in a sound healing.

Tuning forks are one. You could even be using string instruments, harps. guitars, whatever instrument is out there. And so what is happening, which I mentioned earlier, is that everything is vibration. Everything is vibrating. And any object that we consider has its own resonance. And this resonance is simply the vibration that it has.

So, the way that vibrations can interact with each other is really interesting. You can force resonance. You can have something [00:35:00] that is resonating at one speed and then introduce a new, different vibration and change the other's vibration to match it. That's called forced resonance. And then there's free resonance.

And free resonance is when you have. One vibration and then you bring in the exact same vibration and they begin to vibrate together. So in sound healing, we're using our bodies primarily as the target. Our bodies are known as a composite frequency because each cell, every organ, every tissue, every bone.

has its own resonant frequency. So the resonance of my femur bone is different than the resonance of my liver. So all together, my entire body is a composite frequency. And because we are 60 to 70 percent water, sound travels through water four and a half [00:36:00] times faster. And it does through air. So the sound that it's being emitted by whatever instrument is being played comes into contact with our body goes into our body and connects with ourselves.

And then our cells have their vibration and there is a natural harmonic state that that cell should be vibrating at, but because of all the factors of life, whether it's stress or perhaps it's toxins or allergens, mold, trauma, emotion, a car honks outside and don't see, I mean, there's so many factors that we're dealing with all the time that our cells suffer.

Come out of harmony, and that creates that dis ease or disease. And so it turns into more chronic disease when it's untreated when it's left in that state of not being in harmony. And so I actually was reading something. There's a [00:37:00] guy, his name is Jonathan Goldman. He's kind of the grandfather, godfather of sound healing.

And he was talking about this in the formation of an orchestra. And so if you can think about an orchestra and each member of, from the violins to the violas, to the cellos and the. All the instruments and every single player that makes it up. All of these are the different parts of your body. They're all supposed to be playing together in harmony.

They each have their own parts, but together they sound beautiful. All of a sudden you hear, coming from the second violin section, this crazy screeching sound from this one violinist and the conductors. Like, what is going on? In Western medicine, the medicine that we are used to by going to doctors would be to throw drugs, throw all these crazy surgeries, physically remove that violinist.[00:38:00] 

taking it completely out or just drugging it up to such a degree that it passes out and can no longer perform. Whereas sound healing or these other more subtle energy healings would actually work with that second violinist to bring it back into harmony. It would return its sheet music if that was the issue that it lost its sheet music and it just didn't know where to go or perhaps the string broke, you would replace the string.

And so by bringing these harmonies back. You're allowing all of your body to stay together rather than eradicating pieces of it. And then everything else has to compensate. So in a sound bath, it is similar to if you would go to a yoga class or a meditation class, typically you'd go into a studio. And there would be anywhere from 5 to 40 people.

Sometimes you lie down on a yoga mat or sometimes they have cushions and you simply close your [00:39:00] eyes and you listen to the sound bath. That's what these are called because you're. Being bathed in frequency, the sound is bathing you and the frequency is connecting to every cell within your body after about 45 minutes is this typical class length, a sound bath of that length, your body will continue to resonate in harmony for the next two to five days.

So even though the sound bath has stopped, your cells are still vibrating in that harmonic resonance with the instruments that you were listening to. And so this is an amazing opportunity to connect with your joy, connect with the things that you feel nurtured by. Where do you find comfort? What is that next level version of yourself?

And what can you do right now? In this moment to help you connect with that, because your cells are wide open at this point. They're juicy. They're like [00:40:00] plump and ready to go ready to be imbued by all of this new information that. You are the conductor of the orchestra. You are actually the conductor.

Every single person is the conductor of their own frequency. If we think about vibe, if you've ever walked into a party and you're like, Whoa, what is going on? And here, somebody was just having an argument or something. You can pick up on it. It's undeniable. That is frequency. That's vibe. If you've ever been with a friend and they're in a really bad mood and they actually pull your energy down to meet and match their energy.

Ta da! That is forced resonance. They are forcing your frequency to change. The same can go for the other. You're in a bad mood, you meet up with your girlfriend and she's like, let's go, let's just dance it out. And then all of a sudden you're feeling better. Again, that's forced resonance. She's pulling your energy to meet you.

So [00:41:00] we're navigating this world of frequency in every single thing that we do. From the food we eat, If we're spending time watching TV, what we're watching about on TV, going for a walk, again, cars honking, I mean, there's so many things that we have to navigate, so when you can take time to just reset, just come, lay on the mat, listen to these beautiful sounds, let your body rest, And then you're actually connecting to that subconscious state, and so it's altering the frequency of your brainwaves when we are in our normal operating state, our brainwaves are functioning higher than when we're in a meditation.

And so when you're able to decrease your brainwaves, you. Switch into what's known as the parasympathetic nervous system. This is known as rest and digest, or stay and play. You feel very safe. You're very open. You're free. You [00:42:00] don't have those fears about things coming to you or how are you gonna handle this?

You just know that you can handle anything. You're relaxed. Whereas in the normal. waking life, you're in the sympathetic nervous system, which is pumping cortisol throughout your body. And that is the biggest contributor to diseases in our system right now. It's insane. So that is a little introduction to sound healing.

Kasia Krzoska:

Oh my gosh, so much there. And I'm so glad that you mentioned a lot of the science behind I guess the vibrations in our bodies and our cells, obviously, as you know, I'm a huge fan of Chinese medicine and acupuncture largely works in a similar way or around the fact that it is a shifting of cheer or life force energy.

And I just I think it makes so much sense knowing the physics behind vibrations or having at least like a high level familiarity with it. I'm [00:43:00] curious. And, and obviously I think sound healing feels to me like such an incredible tool to get into that, as you mentioned, parasympathetic state. What are your thoughts on leveraging sound healing as a means to kind of bring your nervous system to that stable state, as opposed to Working with the emotions that are coming up.

I don't know if you've heard of the term like spiritual bypassing right where all right, you know, like we're all vibrational energetic beings or thoughts creator reality or subconscious thoughts really create a reality, right? Because it's not just what we're thinking consciously. It's how we're feeling underneath that.

And I'm hearing a lot about like the impact and the positive impact that sound healing can have on shifting that energy to, uh, yeah. Kind of a, I don't know if it's like better vibration, but like a safe vibration, let's say, and happy vibration, whatever the goal may be or the intention. How does that work with, yeah, kind of sitting with the feelings instead?

What are your thoughts on how to balance the two, or is there a [00:44:00] better way to get to that? Higher vibration state consistently where you do feel good, right? Because that is what most of us want, ultimately. 

Tess Palma-Martinez: So this is like my specialty. I was just talking to one of my sound healer trainees today about how to create your own authentic voice as a sound healer.

Because just like any, whether it's a restaurant or you're a yoga teacher, there's competition. But you are your own unique being and no one else can replicate you. So. This is my special sauce, if you will, working with the subconscious, working in the shadow. I love going into the depths. I love exploring emotion.

And I really want people to feel comfortable in that space. And so in all of my classes, People know now they come to my class and most likely they're crying because they're meeting a part of themselves that they have fragmented and shoved down and have held down under the water their whole life. And now all of a sudden they're bringing that part of them [00:45:00] back and giving it a hug and allowing it to live and reside in who they are.

So emotions, all emotions are absolutely valid. We do have to build this level of discernment because just because your emotion is valid doesn't mean your emotion is true. And so when we think about the programming of our mind, our brain is made up of neural pathways. All of these neurons are moving and firing through our brain and they are projecting out our reality.

As I had said previously, your reality, your perception of reality. Was created from your childhood, everything that you have experienced from zero to the age of seven and sometimes up to 10 or 14 is impacting how you live today. So how you lived then everything that you learned then it's pretty much how you operate in your life.

Now, and that is [00:46:00] your entire belief system. The things that you're drawn to the dynamics that you have in relationships, the type of work that you are doing. And if you don't feel good in your life, it's because you are out of alignment with your natural harmonic frequency, you are enacting in a life.

That is not meant for you. And so you feel what's known as dissonance. This dissonance is some... It's just that unexplainable feeling that it's just not quite right. And I feel that so many people have had this experience where you don't feel good in your body and you go to your doctor. And you're like, this thing is going on and it just doesn't feel good.

And they run all the tests and it comes back and it's like, oh, you're normal. That's fine. You're good. Don't worry about it. But you know that it's not right. There's dissonance happening there. And so you can be feeling this at your job. You can be feeling it in your relationships, whether that's [00:47:00] romantic or friendship or family, you can be feeling that in your own body.

So when you're out of alignment with your own harmonic frequency, a lot of. Discomfort and feelings and confusion can come up. So that's one aspect. Then we have all of these ways that we were either praised or shamed in our childhood. We are animals. We are communal beings. We need each other to survive.

We cannot survive alone. So because we are these herd animals, when we're praised, that makes us feel safe. When we get validation, we want more of that. We do more of that. When we are shamed, we don't want rejection. So we do less of that. But again, like I was saying, everyone is living out their own projections of reality, seeing things in their own way.

And so you might be shamed for something by someone because it's their shadow, but it's [00:48:00] actually authentic to you. But then that's confusing because you're four and a half. You don't know what's going on, and you just see this thing as being unacceptable, and if I continue doing this, I'll be unloved and abandoned, and so you stop, and that creates a splinter in yourself, that creates a dissonance in yourself, and until that part of you is unloved.

Fully received and integrated back into who you are, you will feel a dissonance and that can show up in your career or in your relationship or whatever areas can be as small as that, that tiny little fragment that you might not even remember. So what sound healing does in that meditation, when you're connecting to that parasympathetic state in your body, you feel calm.

A lot of emotions, a lot of memories will start to surface. And sometimes it doesn't even need to be clear. It could just be a simple feeling. Or you might go and then [00:49:00] after you're sitting in your car crying about something that happened when you were eight. Because it brings up all of these things. Our bodies store memory.

Just like if you've heard an elephant never forgets. Animals, we hold on to things. If it's not able to pass through our bodies, we store it. And often we store it in our hips. So. 

Kasia Krzoska: Full circle, no pun intended. Full circle. 

Tess Palma-Martinez: Everything. Full circle, bring it around town. So sound healing. And even if you have connected with sound healing and you've been in the presence of a singing bowl, they have these whirling notes.

It is a very circular sound. Even the gong. It's a circular object. The frequency is being emitted in what's called a sine wave, S I N E. And this is a repeating, undulating, consistent [00:50:00] frequency. So as this is coming into your body, and it's flooding your body, there's less and less space for these fragmented pieces to hide, it begins to bring everything up to the surface and you have to be able to navigate that space.

And if you don't take the time in your life to really address it, and it doesn't have to be as huge and as scary as I think a lot of people do. It's really connecting to that observer saying, thank you so much for letting me know. and let it go. You don't need to dive so deep into it. Sometimes it's good to go down there.

I go down there. I feel so secure in the depths of the own, my own ocean of the void that it's fun for me to do that. And so I'll take kind of trips, if you will, down there. But as you're starting, it can feel scary. Some things might come up that could be earth shattering. I've had that experience [00:51:00] personally, but just coming back to knowing that you are a movable, you have that core center, your soul is whole and pure.

And so when you can just return back to that space. And if you want to do that with sound healing, or if you want to do that with simple meditation, or if you want to do that by going for a walk around your block, just making time for yourself to connect with all of those parts of who you are. That is what the real work is.

And so when you mentioned that word spiritual bypassing, I just, I literally laugh. I can't. So spiritual bypassing in its simplest essence is when you are focusing on the think positive, doing the vision boards, everything has to be good, or even you're just not allowing the emotions that you have to exist.

You are bypassing your spiritual growth. By skipping over all of the [00:52:00] expression of your human life, you are bypassing your ability to spiritually grow. But people do this in a very roundabout way where they kind of cling to these superficial spiritual tactics. But it's all fake. It's a fake resonance.

It's a fake frequency and our bodies because they are real frequency. You cannot trick yourself. You can't tell yourself. I vibrate at this frequency and your body's like, no, you don't. And you could tell yourself that you. Are all love and light and you're going to manifest a million dollars for the rest of time and that will never happen unless your frequency matches that unless your frequency can match the resonance of a million dollars.

You are not going to manifest it. Sorry to break it to you people. You can put it on your vision board. It is not happening. So my favorite way to do that is to build the infrastructure. [00:53:00] What do you need to do right now to start making steps toward that million dollars? Let's just hold that in the placeholder for right now.

Because let's say you did get a million dollars later this afternoon. What do you have in place to do with that? Most people that win the lottery end up more in debt than they started because they have no concept of how to utilize money, how to pay taxes, how to set boundaries with loved ones, how to X, Y, and Z.

So what can you do right now to make that tiny micro step toward the thing that you're wanting while continuing to integrate all of those fragmented pieces of who you are? Because you might find out that you're manifesting something that you don't even want. You're manifesting something, some vision for somebody that you saw on TV or that your mom said that you should do.

And really, it's out of alignment with your authentic resonance. So, that's [00:54:00] my answer.

Kasia Krzoska: Ugh, that was such a... Good explanation. I feel like we've got a dose of like science in there, spirituality, and then also embodiment, because I felt like you really connected the dots, at least for me, how to kind of bridge the gap from, you know, where we are to whatever frequency we want to move towards that feels true and authentic for us and how to handle those inevitable emotional dips, which it sounds like.

has a lot to do with honoring them, but also in a way, healing them. Like I'm kind of imagining this visual of the bowl, like clearing out some of that for me, like physically, because those emotions are stored in your body, right? Like you feel them when you feel them pop up, like the danger signal when there actually isn't any danger, but those circumstances from the past could have signaled danger.

That was just such a beautiful explanation and Tess, I could truly keep going for hours, but we're actually at time. We're over time and not do such a great [00:55:00] job with this. So I apologize. Hopefully you don't have anything right after this. Okay, cool. I do want to leave the audience as we kind of bring this to a close with resources.

So first of all, where can they find you? But also for people who aren't maybe in LA, what resources do you have online? And also maybe some resources for finding sound healing if they want to start to explore this or understand more about these frequencies and I'll deep link everything. So feel free to just shout it out and it'll be in the show notes below as well.

Tess Palma-Martinez: Awesome. So you can find me online pretty much anywhere at completely golden, completely golden is my business name. That's my Instagram name. My website. I also have a podcast where we will have shared episodes on and that is completely golden. The podcast. And any way that you want to reach out to me, I absolutely love to connect.

You can send me a DM, you can send me an email. I really, really appreciate [00:56:00] connection. If you didn't glean that from this episode, so please reach out. If you have any questions on my Instagram, I do have free meditations. I have free sound baths that you can watch. You can watch the same one over and over again.

If you want to, um, I do some virtual, however, I do primarily. Work in person just because with sound healing being in person, you're going to receive the healing benefits virtually. You're just enjoying a nice musical experience. You're not receiving any of the frequency at a cellular level. So if virtual sound healing is all that you have because of where you live, then just start there.

And it is very nice and you will shift into that parasympathetic state, but just you won't be receiving the cellular resonance. So if you are interested in connecting, I do mentorships, I do sound healer training, I do oracle readings, however I've been not promoting [00:57:00] that as much anymore just because I'm really geeking out on sound so heavy right now that I'm just Just focusing on it and then free resources.

Let's see. I have things on my website. I have a lot of resources there, free resources on my podcast, but then as far as just like a takeaway, my favorite thing to do is in your phone because you always have your phone with you in the notes app to create a list of your list of magic and start with just today's date or whatever date that you start.

And make a commitment to yourself that you're going to write down at least one thing every single day. And that will begin to train your subconscious mind to be on the lookout for magic, for miracles, for those manifestations that are always coming to you. And that could literally be that you find a penny on the ground while you're walking into the grocery store.

It can be that a license plate drives [00:58:00] by. Last night, I saw a license plate drive by me and it said divine, divine 144. And I was just like, I am a divine one. Yes. Thank you. And I kept seeing 44 all day long to the point where I Pointed it out to my friend and then that was the last one. And I was like, look, there it is.

And it says divine one. And that one on my list of magic, any of those moments, you think of a friend and then 30 seconds later, they call you that goes on the list of magic. All of those things will help to build that trust muscle for yourself. That magic is happening all around you. You are already manifesting the life that you want.

You're already receiving signals. To help bring you into greater alignment. So easy to start your list of magic, but it's really a decision. That's up to you, whether you follow through with it. For me, I've been doing it for over two years. I have a list and every day it's a non negotiable. At least one thing goes on that list.

Kasia Krzoska: I love [00:59:00] that. I'm going to start that today. Tess. It was such a pleasure to have you on. Thank you so much for joining us. 

Tess Palma-Martinez: Thanks for having me and thank you everybody for listening. 

Kasia Krzoska: Thanks everyone for listening and see you next time.

Thank you so much for tuning into this episode of Nourish. If you enjoyed this conversation, please leave a review. Five star reviews help the podcast grow and I'm So grateful for that. I publish new episodes twice a month, so hit the subscribe button to be notified. And if you want to stay connected in between episodes, join my community on Instagram and TikTok at nourish underscore podcast.

All right, that's all I got for you today. See you next time!

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